the baby bear of event photography

  We are big enough….

  • to do this full-time

  • to not take meetings in coffee shops and gas stations 

  • to be fully insured 

  • to have a full studio

    We are small enough….

  • to have people meet with their photographer from get go

  • we do not subcontract photographers (see every complaint ever about photographers)

  • to have you text us directly at odd hours 

  • to deliver photos and videos within 4-6 weeks (you know that cousin who got married in 2008 and hasn't seen her pictures?she didn't use us)  

(goldilocks joke something something something)

own your images

Photographers have traditionally used the model of charging very high cost for reprints and downloads. We charge $5 for 8x10s because millimeter clients own the rights to the images we take. Also digital downloads are free, even if you are the crazy groom who wants the Raw files and rejects from the camera. No bulljive.

always two photographers

At millimeter, all members of the team are full time, full fledged photographers which makes us super flexible to get things done and get you to cocktail hour.

photography should be fun

Is there anything worse than a wedding photographer who fancies him/herself an “artist”? Omg. Is anybody still reading this far down a web page? Idk, something about how we still enjoy taking pictures and blah blah blah. Sean promised I could take a break so maybe we just leave this as a placeholder for now or forever.

“Sean, No one is ever going to read this” -M

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