Own your images

The idea that photography studios charge clients thousands of dollars for their service AND THEN charge ridiculous fees for reprints is offensive.  $150 for an 8x10? Seriously? It is a wedding photo.  That is 17000% markup (guessing, didn't do the math).  Seems excessive, no?

At millimeter, you own the rights to your images and the files in any format at no additional charge.

You: STFU!

Us: yes, Potty Mouth

Oh….we charge 5 bucks for 8x10's

Know your photographer

We don't have a sales staff.  Only photographers, videographers and editors.  Sales persons are really good at:

  • not having a clue what they are talking about (test this by asking any question about photography in another studio)

  • making empty promises

  • not being at your wedding

  • collecting commissions and taking Saturday off

The Baby Bear of event photography

  Big enough….

  • to do this FULL-time

  • to not take meetings in coffee shops and gas stations 

  • to be insured 

  • to do this for realsies

  Small enough...

  • to have people meet with their photographer from get go

  • to NOT subcontract photographers (see every complaint ever about photographers)

  • to text us directly at odd hours for the "Thursday night freakout", if need be 

  • to deliver photos and videos within 4-6 weeks (you know that cousin who got married in 2008 and hasn't seen her pictures?  She didn't use us)  

(goldilocks joke something something something)

Two photographers but no "photojournalists"

It is sad.  This word used to mean something.  It used to indicate a natural style of candid photography. We like that.  Now it means handing an unqualified person a camera and setting it to auto everything to take terrible pictures.  Spray and pray.  Avoid.  

Your Aunt Vera:  Can you take a picture of me?

Photojournalist:  Ummmmm….shoot…. (looks at camera).  Let me get the other photographer. (whimper)

At millimeter, all members of a team are full time, full fledged photographers which makes us super flexible to get things done.

Photography is fun

We just had the displeasure of meeting a "legendary" wedding photographer (his word). There is something about putting cameras in the hands of some people that brings out the worst in them.  There is a lot of talking with an accent and pretentious babbling about their "art" with a straight face.  We are very happy to not take ourselves so seriously.  We move quickly and have fun taking pictures, because photography should be fun and you should make it to cocktail hour. 


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